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EaseFilter File Protector SDK is a file system filter driver software development kit. In a single solution, EaseFilter File Protector SDK encompasses file security, digital rights management, encryption, file monitoring, file auditing, file tracking, data loss prevention, process monitoring and protection, and system configuration protection. EaseFilter file system filter driver is a kernel-mode component that runs as part of the Windows executive above the file system. The EaseFilter file system filter driver can intercept requests targeted at a file system or another file system filter driver. By intercepting the request before it reaches its intended target, the filter driver can extend or replace functionality provided by the original target of the request. The EaseFilter file system filter driver can log, observe, modify, or even prevent the I/O operations for one or more file systems or file system volumes.

Filter Driver

File Access Control and File Protection

EaseFilter File System Control Filter Driver intercepts the various requests going to the file system. If the request matches one of the rules specified by the application, the driver performs the action defined by the filter rules. EaseFilter File System Control Filter Driver SDK provides you with an easy way to develop the Windows application which can implement software for file protection, file access control and security control. Your application can allow or deny the request, modify the request with your own data, or post-process the request. Your application can fully control file open/create/overwrite, read/write, query/set file attribute/size/time security information, rename/delete, directory browsing these I/O requests.

You can setup secure sandbox with control filter driver to protect your sensitive files, put all your sensitive files to the sandbox folder, explicitly block the file access from unauthorized users or processes, prevent the files from being changed, deleted or renamed, or hide the files, prevent the files being copied out from the blackbox. With the sandbox you also can restrict the untrusted applications execution, safegurad your Windows system, prevent the untrusted applications from changing the data or configuration outside of the sandbox.

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